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10 Unique Coffees in Indonesia all Coffee-Lovers Must Try!


Are you a true coffee-lover? Well if you are, you would certainly love all kinds, color and taste of coffee! In that’s the case, there are several unique coffees in Indonesia that you definitely must try. From coffee served in a coconut to a hot piece of coal dipped into your cup, Indonesia has it all! Check out these 11 unbelievable kinds of coffee from different parts of Indonesia and grab yours to try now!

1. Tabalek Coffee, Aceh


Kopi Tabalek

Prepare for one of the most unique ways to serve coffee, Tabalek Coffee or Kupi Khop. Originated from the province of Aceh, this coffee is served in an upside-down cup placed on a small plate and equipped with a straw. To drink this coffee, you are supposed to blow into the straw for the coffee to seep out. This unique coffee from Aceh is certainly a must-try, especially for coffee lovers!

2. Takar Coffee, Mandailing


Kopi Takar

A specialty coffee that is only found in Mandailing Natal is Takar Coffee. Takar Coffee itself is a coffee that is served in a coconut shell shaped and designed like a cup and placed on a small plate. To taste the magnificent taste, a stick of cinnamon is provided to be used as a straw. Mandailing Coffee is known to be the best coffee from North Sumatra. The thickness of the coffee is perfect with a rich taste. It is no surprise that this coffee is such a favorite among the locals. Try it and make it your favorite too!

3. Talua Coffee, Padang


Kopi Talua

A cup of coffee mixed with an egg yolk would certainly not be anyone’s idea of a great and tasty coffee. But don’t be too sure! Talua Coffee, a specialty from Padang, West Sumatra, is a combination of both and it is considered one of the tastiest coffees from Indonesia. Talua coffee is a coffee blend made of soft foam with a distinctive savory-sweet flavor. Although most would think it is unique, the combination of coffee and eggs is certainly a tempting treat. The coffee making process starts with putting the egg yolk in a glass of sweetened condensed milk and added with a teaspoon of cinnamon powder. This mixture is then shaken and added with boiling water. This boiling water then ripens the egg during the shaking process. This process is also what’s behind the soft foamy texture of this tasty drink. Don’t believe it? Try it for yourself and let the sweet and savory taste of Talua accompany your cool evening.

4. Kawa Daun Coffee, Tanah Datar

Kopi Kawa Daun

Another unique coffee in Indonesia is the Kawa Daun Coffee. It attracts coffee lovers because it is very distinctive from other ordinary black coffee. Other than that, what makes them even more attractive are the raw materials used in the coffee making process, its appearance is also very different from the normal coffee that you normally see. Similar to the making of tea, this coffee is made by directly brewing coffee leaves instead of using coffee beans. Due to the process, the color of the coffee also looks more like a cup of tea. To top it off, the coffee is served in a coconut shell. This causes a more fragrant aroma and a richer taste of coffee. Try this special coffee for a tasty experience!

5. Manggar Coffee, Belitung

Kopi Manggar

A trip to Belitung is certainly not complete without savoring the taste of the special Manggar Coffee. The coffee itself is not much different from other coffees found in other places. However, the method of serving this coffee is what makes it different. There is no mixture of corn at all, and the processing technique for the coffee beans is also different. And what's interesting about the presentation of this coffee is that the coffee powder is put in a filter made from cotton which will then be brewed in boiling water into a filter. This is then poured into a pan which has already contained boiled water inside. Then poured into a glass and added sweetened condensed milk in it to complete the flavours of this already beautiful cup of coffee. If you’re a coffee lover, this is definitely not a cup of coffee you’d like to miss!

6. Durian Coffee, Lampung

Kopi Durian

A specialty from Lampung, the list of unique coffees from Indonesia would be incomplete without including the durian coffee. This coffee is made out of Robusta coffee and added with an extract of the durian fruit. You may be wondering if the rich taste of coffee can go well with the exotic sweet taste of durian. But when combined, these are the perfect mixture for a great unique cup of coffee. Certainly something worth to try once in a lifetime, right? Well, be careful! It might make you crave it even more.

7.  Joss Coffee, Yogya

Kopi Joss

What comes into mind when you think about charcoal? Anything but inside your coffee cup, right? Well, you’d be surprised that Joss Coffee, Yogyakarta’s specialty coffee, is literally a hot burning piece of charcoal dipped into your cup. Locals believe that there are benefits in having this piece of charcoal before enjoying your cup of coffee for the day. It is believed that it can relieve an upset stomach and also make the caffeine in the coffee lighter and easier to drink. Best thing yet, Joss Coffee is widely available and can be found even in street food stalls of Yogya. Definitely, a unique coffee in Indonesia that is worth a try!

8. Kopyok Coffee, Gresik

Kopi Kopyok

A well-known unique coffee straight from Gresik, Kopyok Coffee should definitely be included in this list! An ordinary cup of coffee would already have a soft layer of coffee powder in the bottom of their cup. However, Kopyok coffee lets their coffee powder stay in their coarse form. Boiling water is then poured into the cup and the powder floats up to the surface. The taste of the coffee itself is pretty sour but what makes kopyok different is the sensation of sipping a cup topped with coffee grounds. Try it now!

9.  Ijo Coffee, Tulungagung

Kopi Ijo

Ijo Coffee literally translates to Green Coffee. This is a very special kind of coffee mostly well-known in Tulungagung, East Java. A is favorite for many people due to its soft taste and the unique color it presents inside your coffee cup. This beautiful color is not from food coloring or a secret ingredient to produce the shade. The making of this coffee needs traditional cooking materials, patience and attention to detail due to their difficult and slow process. The coffee beans are cooked using selected firewood and clay pans and are done painstakingly by maintaining the flame to make sure they are evenly and perfectly cooked. Then, from the traditional processing method, the coffee will be ground with a machine. Due to this difficult process, the taste of this coffee is definitely to die for. Taste this heaven on earth during your visit to Tulungagung!

10. Rarobang Coffee, Maluku

Kopi Rarobang

Within the choices of unique coffee in Indonesia, there is this Maluku’s specialty: Rarobang Coffee. A heaven for those who are in love with traditional herbs, Rarobang coffee is served with a variety of herbs. Completing this black Arabica coffee is the taste of ginger, cloves, cinnamon, sugar, lemongrass, and walnut slices. This cup of coffee is definitely the perfect company for a relaxing evening to calm your mind and body.

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